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Procedures for Resolving Complaints for Violations of the Code of Conduct

     The purpose of this procedure is to provide an effective communication channel for anyone to report violations of the Code of Conduct, to establish the severity of the issue, and to respond appropriately.  This procedure will only be used for complaints about behaviors addressed in the Code of Conduct.

Recommended Early Action

If you are negatively impacted or observe behavior or speech that violates the code of conduct, we highly recommend that you discuss the impacts with the person close to the time that the incident occurred.  To discuss the impacts with the person, you might say:

  • “I felt _______ when you ______ and I hope this doesn’t happen again.”

  • “I noticed _______ happened today and It was hurtful, dangerous, etc.”

  • “It’s really not ok to _______. I hope it doesn’t happen again.”

  • “Hey friend, I’m not sure ________ falls into the category of good pickleball etiquette.  Would you consider ________ instead?


If you prefer, report the incident directly or with the support of a friend or witness to MEPC per the procedures below.   You may always email concerns to:     

Reporting a Complaint to the MEPC Board

Anyone may submit a complaint regarding a violation of MEPC's Code of Conduct by using the online form, emailing the complaint to Nancy Purcell, MEPC President, at, or handing the complaint to any Board Member.  A complaint should be filed as soon as possible after the alleged incident to ensure that memories are intact.  


MEPC’s Board has the discretion to accept a delayed complaint if the complainant provides a statement (preferably in writing) providing reasons for a delay in reporting.  Unless there is a conflict of interest, the complaint will be investigated by MEPC's Code of Conduct Committee in conjunction with the President.                                     

Written statement (preferred).  You can use the online complaint form or a separate written statement.

Voice recorded or video recorded statement.  This would be reduced to writing for signature by the complainant.

A complaint must include the following information.  

  • The date, place, and time the incident occurred.  Explain if unknown.

  • A description of the incident, including the MEPC member involved and the complainant’s response to the incident.

  • Witnesses/others present at the time of the incident and their contact information if known.  Include their statements if possible.

  • The complainant(s) name and contact information.

When describing the situation use direct quotes and descriptions and observations whenever possible:  I said, they said, I observed, etc.   Avoid “judgement” such as “they were mean" - describe what was seen and heard.

Review of the Complaint and Gathering of Information

Upon receipt of a complaint, MEPC’s Board shall assess and take appropriate action, or dismiss the complaint with an explanation to the complainant and the other party.  The Board will strive to take action as soon as possible after receiving a complaint.


If the situation merits, a member can be immediately removed from the club to ensure the physical or emotional safety of the harmed person.

If not dismissed, a member of the MEPC Board Code of Conduct Committee shall contact the complainant and the offending member to discuss the incident and provide them the opportunity to respond both verbally and in writing.

If needed, members of the MEPC Board Code of Conduct Committee will also contact witnesses to get their statements as to what they observed during the incident.

The committee shall document the investigation, and the investigation shall remain confidential within the Board to the extent feasible. The Board will decide whether or not to withhold the complainant's name.

Resolution of Complaint

After review of the alleged incident, the MEPC Board Code of Conduct Committee will review the findings of the investigation with the MEPC Board.  The MEPC Board will determine what further action is required based upon the facts and severity of the issue.  This may include:

  • a verbal or written apology from one member to another

  • a verbal or written reprimand

  • removal from WhatsApp

  • denied registration to specific MEPC events

  • expulsion from membership in MEPC for a specific or indefinite term

  • notification to the police if a criminal act may have occurred.

  • any other penalty considered appropriate to the circumstances.


The MEPC Board decision may include mediation when determined to be necessary, appropriate, and feasible.

The MEPC Board decision will strive to honor the wishes of the party deemed harmed to resolve the situation satisfactorily.

Record of Decision

The MEPC Code of Conduct Committee Chair or designee shall provide a written notice to the complainant and member involved of the resolution of the complaint as determined by the MEPC Board.  The decision of the MEPC Board is final, unless the Board, in its sole discretion, agrees to mediation.  No appeals process is provided.  Disciplinary sanctions start immediately after the written decision has been distributed to the parties.

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